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Senior Sunday Tip | Are you ready to ROCK your senior Pictures?!?!

Today we’re talking about all the things! More specifically how to completely ROCK your senior pictures. If you are a bit nervous, you like to be prepared, or just don’t know what to expect, this Sunday Senior Tip is for YOU! We want you to know that you your senior session is just that YOURS! Don’t worry about what someone else did, or what you think you need to do, we want you to be able to be YOU and walk away having the best time! Here are some of the top things that we think you need to know before your session so that you will have an absolute blast.

  • Picking your outfits.

This topic is my personal favorite. Some of you are right there with me, and are like shopping, YEASSS! Others of you, I know it can be so stressful. But just know that I don’t want you to stress! We are always available for you to send your outfit choices.  Or you can even just bring lots of outfits to your session and we can look at them, talk about favorites, and then pick what looks best with each of the locations. I totally get that it’s a hard choice. (Ask my husband, I struggle with picking outfits for our family photos)  Just remember, to have some variation. Dresses are great but have a jeans/pants option too as some poses just can’t be done in dresses.  Much more on this topic coming next week. We will be writing all about what you should and should not wear for your senior pictures, stay tuned!

  • The day before preparation.

It’s almost picture day! You are getting everything ready and organized for pictures. Things to do the night before, make sure all your outfits are on hangers and not wrinkled. That tip is key! No one wants wrinkling clothes for pictures. Got that done? Way to go! Up next is not to worry too much about pictures, get a good nights sleep so you are in your best mood and ready to have a great time! Seems silly, but that’s really all you need to do. There really isn’t much prep for you at this point, (it’s really all about our prep, we are charging cameras, and making sure our camera bag is organized) If you have any last minute questions about details of our meeting time and location, now is the time to send us a text or message so we are all ready to go the day of your session.

  • During your session.  

It’s picture time!!! First of all it is completely ok if you are nervous. It takes some time to get used to the camera. Worried you won’t know how to pose? Don’t worry one bit, because we will tell you. We are here to help you through all the poses. We will tell you how to sit, stand even twirl. And we’ll just tell you now, some poses might just feel awkward but we promise they don’t look it! Trust us! We want you to look your best and love your photos.  But most of all just remember that you need to love yourself. Seriously, rock the beautiful self that you are and you can’t go wrong!

We absolutely can’t wait for your session. We want you to have the best senior photos ever. But more importantly we want you to have the best time ever. Hopefully you feel completely prepared and are ready for a fun evening together. If you still have any questions don’t hesitate to shoot us a message or text. We want you to have the best senior session experience and we can’t wait to hang out at your session.


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