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I'm a wife, mama to littles, photographer, follower of Jesus, and have a strong appreciation for amazing desserts. I love making our house a home (but don’t ask me about the kitchen remodel), taking my kiddos to visit our family farm, and drinking sweet tea.
I get really excited about going on trips to our childhood vacation spot at the Lake of the Ozarks, Joanna Gaines, finding joy and hope in Jesus Christ, dreaming up things for my hubbie to build for our home, and all things photography.
Six years ago I married the love of my life and made the decision to leave my background in graphic design and focus on photography full time. A dog, two kids, and a few coats of paint later I’m loving my life as a full time work at home mom and photographer. 

I have a serious sweet tea addiction. (Like I stood in line for 45+ minutes with my two kids in tow....all to get free tea for a year from McAlisters.


I have a sweet tooth. From donut dates with my daughter to finding bakeries that make an amazing cupcake I don’t count calories when it comes to dessert.


I come by family business honestly. My dad & grandpa ran a vet practice together for over 26 years. My business partner and best fried are my mom. And my brother’s annual cattle auction is kind of like a family holiday.


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You’ll find the heart of our story in one word, family. For us business truly is a “family affair.” For us family & tradition run deep. Our family has been going on vacation to the same treetop condo owned by our grandparents in the Lake of the Ozarks our entire lives. I (Josie) was married in the church my grandparents have attended since the 1940's. Making memories and gathering around good food has always been a part of our story. Now we have the joy of making traditions and memories last for our family & friends through photography

It all started for me when I was a senior in high school and found myself as yearbook editor. I found myself designing yearbook layouts and taking photos at all the big school events. This led me to my college days where I studied graphic design and minored in photography. At that point photography was more of an interest for my mom and she wanted me to try a minor in photography so I could start helping her with sessions she was booking. Ironically enough I wasn't fond of the idea but didn't know what else to minor in so I gave it a whirl. I had no idea all that God had planned.

I got my first “real” camera in 2005. My first big project was taking my son’s senior pictures. Not long after that my first grandbaby arrived and I loved taking her pictures. It was then Jos's senior year and lots of her classmates helped launch my photography debut. From there I added families, toddlers and even pets! I love that what God started as my hobby has blessed me with a daughter that shares my passion. I love capturing memories that will be cherished for years to come

Though Jan had been doing photography work for many families and friends we officially launched Holst Creative Touch in 2008 when we photographed our first wedding. Then in 2012 Josie made the leap to do photography full time and we became Creative Touch Photography and the rest is history!

Over the years we’ve photographed families, newborns, weddings, cattle sales, and everything in between. But our favorite memories to capture are senior portraits and weddings. There is nothing better than watching someone express their personality and who they are through senior portraits. And on wedding days the joy between a bride and groom as they become husband and wife never grows old. Coming from a family with a legacy of long lasting love we are thrilled to get to take pictures of our couples that will be cherished for years to come.

WE want to hear your story. 

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Getting Started From Josie's Perspective

Getting Started From JAN's Perspective



I'm a wife, mother of four, and “Gramy” to ten grandkids. Even though photography began as a "hobby" it rapidly progressed to a creative passion. It's just another avenue for me to create. I love new ideas and lots of choices! Cooking has always been a source of enjoyment and baking a means of relaxation. Homemade cinnamon rolls top the list! I love reading, arranging flowers,and a walk in the country. A special splurge is a day of shopping with no time limits and lunch at someplace fun! 
After years as a stay at home mom my current day job is working as an administrative assistant in our local school district. I get really excited about family gatherings, love it when my sons grill, and LOVE spending time with my grandchildren. 
I’ve been married for thirty-eight years and still attend the church I was raised in. When I’m not at school or behind a camera you might find me helping my husband on our family’s cattle farm Moss Rock Ranch. With all this being said I consider Sunday mornings to be an extra special blessing... my husband and I have the privilege of teaching littles about Jesus, what a joy!   
For me photography is about creating beautiful keepsakes, meeting new people and making friends. 

Josie and I don’t just share a passion for photogrpahy. She's got me hooked on McAlisters tea as well. I’m all about the flavors. My favorite is unsweetened strawberry.


I made the wedding cakes & arranged the flowers for all my children’s weddings. That’s four if you’re counting.


I love to read! When my husband watches TV you'll find me sitting beside him reading. He knows just how to lure me from the pages, start playing a recorded episode of "The Good Doctor" or "Lethal Weapon"! 


about jan



Finding your purpose in life can be tricky. But if one thing is for sure it is that as followers of Jesus we know why we do what we do. We genuinely love our couples, seniors, families and friends because Christ loves us and we want to show that love to you! Of course we do love capturing beautiful photos as well but our heart is ultimately to put our faith into action through serving you. Whether that looks like being a friend or photographing your wedding. We truly believe great photography isn’t about beautiful people or dream locations; we believe its about celebrating all the ways you and your story are beautiful and unique. We’d love to chat more with you about how we can do that.


Since you’ve stayed this long we would love to talk to you about why we do what we do. Grab an extra serving of dessert and come along for the ride.