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Senior Tip | Why you should hire a professional

Yay! You made it to the blog and you are here for our very first week of ” Sunday Senior Tips.” We have been wanting to start blogging once a week with helpful tips for seniors for some time now and we thought with senior season just around the corner now was the time to start! So every Sunday for the next few weeks we will be sharing tips that we hope help you as you start to plan your senior photo sessions. Each week the topic will be different, and some weeks more in depth than others, but no matter the topic we hope that these tips help you figure out just what you want out of your senior session. Because we know just how special your senior year is and we want your senior session to be a fun and memorable part of your senior year.

So here is the question for this week: “Why hire a professional photographer for senior pictures?” This is big I know, but we figured we should start out with a big topic! So when speaking of hiring a professional in any area of you your life you want someone who is an expert in that field right?!? I mean you could technically cut your own hair or tear down the wall between your living room and kitchen but most times the results are better if you leave it to the pro, right?  And it feels better to have someone who knows exactly what they are doing.

So back to the “WHY”, what is the point this and what is the benefit of hiring a professional photographer? Well, let me tell you the top 3 reasons why.

1. Professional photographers are worth the money!

So yes, it is no secret we tend to charge a little bit more money than a good friend would. That also being said, we REALLY know what we’re doing. We have spent years finding great locations with good lighting and are always searching out new locations.  We can see the bigger picture even if there are things that look like they might not work out. We have poses and lighting techniques that highlight your natural beauty. We spend time treating you like the star that you are. When you pay more, you get more, especially when it comes to services like photography. So when you hire a professional for your senior session it is going to come with all the things! Posing, editing, delivery, etc… Everything you want and need to make for a successful session.

Hiring a professional photographer for your senior pictures means you’ll feel confident in your images when you walk away from your session and you’ll love the way that you’re treated. I really think that make it worth the money because these photos are yours FOREVER!

2. These memories are worth it!

It is your senior year, lets make these memories last! This is your time! It’s time to celebrate all the hard work you put into getting to this point. This is a huge time in your life and we weant to help you celebrate this special time.

3. Commitment/Experience

Professionals are committed to your senior session. We will be there for you every step of the way from planning your session and helping you choose your outfits and locations.  A professional photographer is here to assure that you have a great experience and outcome. Sometimes when you hire your best friend it can get awkward if the pictures don’t turn out how you had hoped or if they don’t know how to pose you. We have taken courses on how to pose, what lighting works best and editing don’t forget the editing. We will pay careful attention to make the colors pop, fix those unwanted blemishes and be sure your eyes shine in every photo.

Professional photographers are not for everyone. I totally get that. Sometimes people don’t see the value of photography as others do, that’s just another thing that makes everyone so different. Whoever you choose for a photographer just be sure that you know the differences between an amateur and professional. Make sure you have all the information, because like I said these are YOUR senior photos.  If you see the value in the experience and and want to come hang out with us for your senior session than let’s do this! Let’s make some incredible memories!    

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