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We are aJan and Josie, a mother-daughter team tucked in the heart of rural illinois. though we are located in rural illinois we always love photographing new places and new people. so grab a dessert and coffee (or tea in our case) and take a look around at the moments we have captured. we are so glad you are here, make yourself at home!

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Whitaker Family | Adoption Day

We have photographed many life events and each one of our clients is special to us, but being a part of these precious moments with the Whitaker family will always hold a special place in our hearts. We have gotten to watch their family become closer to complete, one courtroom at a time. This past summer we got to photograph Ellie’s adoption and just a few weeks ago we got to be there for Addie’s adoption. It has such an honor capturing the moments that were making their family complete. These moments in these courtrooms have been waited for, fought for and waited for some more. But all that waiting has been worth it because now the Whitaker family is complete and we couldn’t be happier for them. Welcome home, Miss Ellie and Miss Addie. You all have captured our hearts and we can’t wait to see the girls grow up together.

Miss Ellie’s adoption was last summer, and the first stepping stone to making the Whitaker family complete.

Miss Addie’s adoption was just a few weeks ago and it was such a special opportunity to be able to take photos during the actual adoption hearing.

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