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We are aJan and Josie, a mother-daughter team tucked in the heart of rural illinois. though we are located in rural illinois we always love photographing new places and new people. so grab a dessert and coffee (or tea in our case) and take a look around at the moments we have captured. we are so glad you are here, make yourself at home!

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Macy & Sam | Love Story

Some might tend to think that after all the weddings we have attended each wedding would start to feel the same.  Which I could see how you could think that, but the truth is every wedding is unique.  No two weddings are exactly the same.  Yes, they all have the same purpose, but the love story, details, flowers, dress and so much more is each unique.  That is what we loved about Sam & Macy’s day.  It was undoubtedly unique to them and their love story. Macy got dressed in the BEAUTIFUL home she grew up in,  followed by the most Christ center ceremony Macy and Sam could have ever dreamed of.  I don’t know that there was a dry eye in the church when Macy walked down the isle to Sam.  It was a much awaited day for them.  You see they were high school sweet hearts so this was a LONG time coming.  But probably most unique for us on this wedding day was that it was a morning wedding with a brunch reception, and I can’t say enough about how much I LOVED this concept.  It was so fun and different!  They had a full brunch with everything you could imagine, donuts, hash browns, eggs, fruit, sandwiches, juice. It was such a neat concept.  They danced, mingled, and enjoyed time with their guests.  We were honored to be a part of their day, here are a few of our favorites! 

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