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We are aJan and Josie, a mother-daughter team tucked in the heart of rural illinois. though we are located in rural illinois we always love photographing new places and new people. so grab a dessert and coffee (or tea in our case) and take a look around at the moments we have captured. we are so glad you are here, make yourself at home!

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MADDIE | Spring Brings New Beginnings

We love photographing moments in time for people, it is our passion to capture life as it happens for our clients.  One of our very favorite role-model photographers (Katelyn James of Katelyn James Photography) says her business is not her own, that is belongs to God. And that her business has a higher purpose than just taking pretty pictures; her business was created to cheer on marriages after the wedding day – because marriage matters. That’s what we want our business to be about!!! We want to cheer on our couples after each wedding and with every milestone after. We want to cheer on families as they grow. And make high school seniors feel like rock stars as they showcase their talents and gifts through photos.   This winter we invested in our “photography” education… more specifically lighting.  Our goal is to better serve you, as we cheer you on & capture your special moments.  We hope that as you work along side us that you feel like we are here to encourage you, share joy with you and photograph the things that really matter in your life.
As we took this time to learn one of the many things we ventured into was glamour/magazine shots. We wanted to know even more about special lighting.  Now don’t get us wrong we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE natural light and all that entails, and that will still be our primary and go to style.  However we are excited to now be able to do these specialty shots as well.  With all that said we were eager to get out and try out these new techniques.  That’s where Maddie comes in.  Maddie is a very special girl to us, I’ve known her since she was just a little girl and watched her grow into the beautiful young lady that she is.  Her brother was one of my best friends growing up and her mom was always one of my biggest cheerleaders in anything I pursued.  It has been so much fun being able to photograph Maddie throughout her senior year, and what better way to end the year than a glamour session in her prom dress. Not to mention the volleyball pictures, and what better timing than the day before she signed her letter of intent to play volleyball at Illinois College!?! Of  course we couldn’t resist doing a few natural light photos at the end, isn’t she just gorgeous!
Maddie:  We are so excited for you and this next chapter of your life.  Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your senior year, we have had a blast!  Best of Luck at Illinois College, we know you will do great things!

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