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We are aJan and Josie, a mother-daughter team tucked in the heart of rural illinois. though we are located in rural illinois we always love photographing new places and new people. so grab a dessert and coffee (or tea in our case) and take a look around at the moments we have captured. we are so glad you are here, make yourself at home!

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This was our first year offering Spring Mini Sessions, and with no idea when things would start turning green we picked a date and prayed that it would be pretty.  Well April got here and things started blooming and we had high hopes that everything would look very “springy” by the time our Spring Minis rolled around.  Then it happened, we had a couple nights where it got below freezing and ALL the beautiful magnolia trees were brown and our hearts were broken.  The big trees hadn’t started getting leaves and the flowering trees were ruined…then we found THE trees! A couple flowering trees in Compton Park in Macomb that were getting ready to bloom. I have never in my life prayed so hard that a tree would bloom, and boy were my prayers answered!  We had some GORGEOUS weather that week and sure enough come Saturday those trees were blooming and beautiful.  We couldn’t have asked for a better place to take the Spring Minis.

Not only did we have beautiful trees but we also had the perfect weather that day.  We loved getting to catch up with existing clients and meet new ones.  It was a such a fun day capture these photos for each of you.  Happy Spring!

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